about Andri

Many people said, Now Korean becoming a trend in the world…

It’s true…so this blog have to follow the trend. I wasn’t a K-Pop, at least for now. Until now, I haven’t been able to find what people like from Korean. But I’m so interested in Korean. Yeah, I don’t like Korean, but I’m interested in Korean. I’m interested in Korean development, how they’re life, and everything. I think between Korean and Indonesian has some similar thing. In Korean are happened wars. But they can get up from everything.

In this blog, I also make a category, Korean. Especially FF (Fun Fiction).Because I don’t know about Korean, so I’ll invite my friend to write FF.

Ok, I’ll introduce my friend before.

Andri Firmansyah

He’s my friend from senior high school. Andri Firmansyah. He’s a Namja. He’s really love Korean, may be all about Korean. I think he’s a good writer, but he isn’t writer. He always writes FF. so I wanna share with you his FF. if you wanna know about Andri, you can make a friend with him in Facebook, Twitter, or his Blog.

Yupz, see you in next post with Andri’s FF ^.^V

~ by n i w on August 2, 2012.

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